The Children and Young People’s Services Team supports children both within our refuge accommodation and in community settings when they are not residing with us – we can meet with children at a range of sites including in schools, community venues near to their home or at our main outreach centre in Basildon. Where it is necessary, we can also accommodate home visits. In addition to meeting in person, we offer a telephone and email support service.

The aim of our service is to provide children with emotional support and practical assistance, including safety planning, signposting/connection with other agencies and information on rights.

Our Children and Young People Practitioners can connect children with other teams within our organisation, such as our counselling/therapeutic services and we can connect them with partner agencies who may also support an element of their pathway to a different future.

In addition to one-to-one support, we connect children through group work programmes. Many of our service users tell us that they enjoy the benefits of peer support, sharing experiences and empowering each other. We offer a range of group based programmes in issues such as life skills, safety planning, self-care, creative arts and fun activities/events.

We have dedicated Practitioners who deliver sessions in schools to increase awareness and encourage the development of healthy relationships. We also encourage children to assess their own behaviours with their peers within these sessions.