Changing Pathways deliver the Brighter Futures programme for residents living in Thurrock. This is an 8-week therapeutic one to one programme for adults with children.

The sessions are held weekly for 1.5 hours at various centres in Thurrock over an 8 week period, with each week focusing on a different topic, including:

  • Understanding of all types of abusive behaviours
  • Power and control of perpetrators
  • Impact of domestic abuse on children
  • Strengthening positive relationships
  • Building on resilience and self-esteem
  • Building resilience and emotional wellbeing of the victim and of children
  • Speaking to children about the abuse
  • Raising awareness with parents to speak with their children about respectful relationships and teenage relationship abuse
  • Keeping safe – victim and children – safety and support planning
  • Abuse and neglect, family dysfunction and domestic abuse and their intrinsic links
  • Recovering parenting capacity where this has been impacted by the abusive relationship
  • Developing effective support networks

During the programme, women  are empowered to address the issues affecting them and their children. As well as exploring the emotional impact of abuse on them and their children, the programme also provides an opportunity to develop/build on positive parenting, building resilience and emotional well-being after domestic abuse.

The sessions are confidential unless there is a safeguarding issue.

For further information call:

Annabelle – 07494167408
Lottie – 07875342015


Once a month Brighter Futures will facilitate awareness raising sessions in Thurrock.

For additional information on the Brighter Futures programme please

Contact Changing Pathways at