Stalking and Harassment impacts on all areas of society

Stalking and harassment impacts on all areas of the community from the individual victim, extending out to friends, family, work colleagues and other associates. If you are experiencing stalking either by a previous partner, family member, work colleague, neighbour  or by somebody you do not know then we are able to offer you emotional support and practical advice.

Stalking can occur in many forms and is a serious crime, despite common misconceptions. A stalker’s behaviour may include following you, controlling your movements, attending your property unannounced or appearing nearby when you are in public, repeatedly making phone calls or sending text messages and emails. Stalking is also becoming more common through the use of technology and is often referred to as cyberstalking.

You may be feeling frightened, isolated, helpless and confused and may have been stalked for some time. If you have children, you may be concerned about how the stalking is impacting upon them.

You are not to blame for what is happening. You do not have to face this situation on your own. Changing Pathways’ Independent Stalking Advocacy Service is ready to support you through your decision to reclaim your right to a safe, happy and private life. We will not judge you in any way and we will ensure that we only ever move at the pace you want to go.

How our Independent Stalking Advocacy team can help

The Independent Stalking Advocacy team supports service users who are experiencing stalking. As part of Changing Pathways offer, our service can also support victims who do not have a direct link to the person who is stalking them, such as an acquaintance..

We are able to meet with you at a range of community sites or at our main outreach centre in Basildon. In addition to meeting in person, we offer a telephone and email support service.

The aim of our service is to provide emotional support and practical assistance, including help to access legal advice, assistance with safety planning, risk assessment, signposting/connection with other agencies, information on rights, legislation and entitlements. Our Caseworkers can support you in documenting your experiences and in reporting to the Police if necessary.

Our Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworkers can make internal referrals to other teams within our organisation where appropriate, and we can introduce you to partner agencies who may also support an element of your pathway to a new future.

How we can support other professionals

As a specialist Independent Stalking Advocacy service we are able to offer advice and support to other professionals and organisations who are supporting clients experiencing stalking via our telephone and email support service.

Download our referral form: Changing Pathways referral form rev Jan 2023