16 Days of Activism 2020 – Day 12

Forced Marriage: Hidden Crime – links with sexual abuse

Forced Marriage is a form of abuse which is covered under Honour Based Violence. It is a criminal offence and a serious abuse of a person’s human rights. Forced Marriage is still happening to young people all over the UK.

A forced marriage is one that is carried out without the consent of both people. This is very different to an arranged marriage, which both people will have agreed to. Those facing forced marriage can be subject to pressure of a physical, financial, sexual or emotional nature.

33% of all cases received were from children under 18 years of age. (Also known as child marriages)

One serious consequence of forced marriage is the increased likelihood of domestic violence, abuse and sexual abuse.
Anyone forced into marriage faces an increased risk of rape and sexual abuse as they may not wish to consent, or may not be the legal age to consent to a sexual relationship. This in turn may result in unwanted pregnancies or enforced abortions.

The reality is that Child Marriage is an invisible but thriving issue in Britain today. It is present in every single area of the UK but is hidden in plain sight.

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