16 Days of Activism – Day Eight

Shining a light on services 

South Essex Domestic Abuse Hub and Refuge 

The South Essex Domestic Abuse Hub (SEDAH) is a really busy place. This partnership project between Basildon, Brentwood, Castle Point, Rochford and Thurrock Councils alongside voluntary sector partners, Changing Pathways and SERICC provides advice and support for survivors of domestic abuse at dedicated hubs.

A day in the hub can go from supporting an individual with a housing application to meeting an individual who has fled a very dangerous home environment with only their child and the clothes on their backs.


And there she was… A young lady, small child in a pushchair, fleeing from a violent relationship from over 200 miles away.

With no means to house herself safely, no job and no family to lend support she came to us asking for help.

And this is where Basildon Refuge came in…as part of Changing Pathways, the Practitioner in the Hub made a direct referral to the refuge for support. Given the circumstances, this woman and her child were assessed for their needs and suitability to access our ‘crash pad’ room. This, as its name suggests, is a room kept for ‘emergencies.’ The woman and her child were able to stay in this room whilst the Refuge staff spent time securing longer-term accommodation suitable to their needs.

As she left the Hub she was given an emergency toiletry pack containing items such as shower gel and a toothbrush – things that we all need to make us feel ‘human’ again but often we take for granted.

The staff in Basildon Refuge welcomed their new resident and her child to their house in suburbia that does extraordinary things.

More details about the South Essex Domestic Abuse Hub can be found here

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