Is it you?
You left your pack of cigarettes on the floor outside my door
Is it you?
I thought I saw your car drive across the junction
But I followed the route, eyes ahead, my focus drifting
Is it you?
I don’t know how much further this can go
I follow the road
My hands are shaking
Is it you?
My colleague told me you had called in again
I’m not around, go away, go back
To the hole you crawled out of
Is it you?
How would I know?
Could it be a coincidence?
I’m not sure anymore
But I’ll pick myself up off the floor
Is it you?
I saw you walking away down my street
I tried to take the dog out, but I couldn’t feel my feet.
Is it you?
It always seems to be
Whether anyone else can actually see
Is it you?
My car tire has been cut
It’s probably just a stranger
Though it makes me think…
Was it you?
It seems to be never ending
A story that won’t be told
As non-fiction, it’s too far fetched
It would never be sold
Is it you?
Knowing this and continuing on
Avoiding capture and putting me in a song
Is it you?
I ask, every time something is out of place
My windows been smashed
A hundred missed calls
You must have been lashed
They’re unknown, I’ve changed my number but
Was it you?


A poem written by a Changing Pathways employee

#NSAW2021 #UnmaskingStalking

It’s National Stalking Awareness week.
If you think you are being stalked, please contact Changing Pathways 01268-729707. Our Stalking Team understand the unique challenges faced by individuals experiencing stalking and can help you navigate through your situation. Or alternatively you can contact the National Stalking Helpline 0808 802 0300 or Paladin 020 3866 4107.
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