Eyes wide open but a glimmer of hope

Eyes wide open but a glimmer of hope
As I walk out in plain sight,
Will I be safe in broad daylight….
As I feel that Icey Stare,
Does anybody really care….
Walking along I tremble with fear,
At the thought is he here or extremely near….
I stop and I pause,
Feeling I’m just short of his claws….
As I turn around to go back home,
I know I’m never truly ever alone….
As I rush to close the door,
Anxiety and panic attacks, I crash to the floor….
The realisation I’m not safe behind doors….
That constant unwanted attention,
Leaves me feeling in my own home I’m in detention….
At last a sign of relief brings me safer days,
When I picked up the phone and called Changing Pathways….

Poem written by a service user at Changing Pathways.

#NSAW2021 #UnmaskingStalking

It’s National Stalking Awareness week.
If you think you are being stalked, please contact Changing Pathways 01268-729707. Our Stalking Team understand the unique challenges faced by individuals experiencing stalking and can help you navigate through your situation. Or alternatively you can contact the National Stalking Helpline 0808 802 0300 or Paladin 020 3866 4107.
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