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In August we launched our brand new specialist service to support victims of stalking and harassment. Stalking is a devastating crime with long-term psychological and emotional harm.  In the year ending March 2016, the police recorded 4,156 stalking offences.

Our Stalking Advocates provide emotional and practical support to victims of stalking, including supporting legal remedies through the new legislation which is established to protect victims of stalking. Our Stalking Advocates, Lianne and Claire share an insight into their work.

Lianne – As the Team Leader, leading the development of this vital service for survivors of stalking, my days involve a lot of awareness raising with agencies and professionals who may come in contact with victims of stalking. In addition, I spend time working closely with rest of the team to ensure they are fully supported to manage what are often complex and challenging cases as well as supporting clients directly to ensure their voices are heard. I am motivated to develop this innovative service as for me, my role is not just a job. It is part of my ‘make up’ and the beliefs that I hold. I am passionate about empowering other women to take control of their own life and to contribute to the wider agenda of ending violence against women and girls.

Claire – as a Stalking Advocate my day varies and the type of support I offer includes: completing risk assessments and safety plans; advising on difference legal and civil remedies and advocating on my service user’s behalf with other professionals. Raising awareness of stalking and its detrimental impact on victims is another part of my role and involves attending team meetings, events and conferences. I am motivated in this work to help my service user’s find their voice, to listen and validate their experiences and empower them so they can move forward in their lives without fear of further stalking and abuse.

Referrals for our service can be made by calling 01268 729 707 or by email


Help us to support survivors of stalking by texting BWAS05 £2 to 70070

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