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Women’s Aid Federation of England launched a campaign for safe child contact with a piece of research called “Nineteen child homicides.” This research details the cases of nineteen children over a ten year period who were killed by a parent who was a known perpetrator of domestic abuse. Over the ten years, nineteen children were killed, 2 children were seriously injured and 2 women were killed.

These devastating killings occurred because of unsafe formal and informal contact arrangements. Women’s Aid has launched the Child First campaign calling on the government, family court professionals and involved agencies to make the family court process safer for women and child survivors of domestic abuse.

You can join the campaign and help to ensure that children are always put at the heart of contact decisions made by the family courts. Sign the petition and use the #ChildFirst to help spread the word. Together, we can put an end to unsafe child contact.

#16DaysOfAction #ChildFirst

Help us to support clients fleeing domestic abuse, Text BWAS05 £2 to 70070




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