About our training services

We offer comprehensive training for statutory organisations, voluntary organisations, work places and community groups on the following topics.


Children and Young People

Changing Pathways delivers training to students aged 11-18 in person or via Zoom/MS Teams on understanding healthy relationships, identifying early signs of abuse and understanding the different types of abuse, including stalking and understanding what consent means.



An introductory specialist training that covers all aspects of stalking, from recognising stalking behaviour and assessing risk to safety planning and referral.


Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control

An introductory specialist training that covers all aspects of domestic abuse including, types, the signs, how and when to refer, safety planning.


Civil Justice

Changing Pathways operates a specialised service supporting victims to gain an understanding of court processes and any required court applications as litigant in person. This service is for victims for whom access to legal aid is limited and there is no affordability to engage with a solicitor. Changing Pathways provides in depth training to professionals on the civil orders available to victims of domestic abuse.

Training can be delivered in person or virtually with Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

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