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Changing Pathways will help you create a safety plan whether you are living with an abuser, planning to leave or have moved on. You can always create your own safety plan by considering the following:

How to stay safe in your home

  • Have an escape route from the home in case you need to leave quickly (including with your children).
  • Consider having a ‘safe room’ which you can lock if necessary.
  • If a situation at home is escalating, move out of the kitchen or any areas of the home where weapons can be quickly accessed.
  • Have a bag or a drawer prepared with some spare clothes and ID for yourself and your children if you have them, to enable you to leave quickly.
  • Consider letting neighbours know your situation; they can call for help on your behalf and can often provide evidence.
  • Call 999 (and teach your children how to do the same) if there is an emergency. Remember the ‘silent solution’; if you can’t speak, you can press 55 to notify the operator.
  • Consider downloading the ‘Hollieguard’ app for yourself and your children so you can alert an emergency contact if needed.
  • Delete website and phone history if you have been seeking help for the abuse.

Leaving safely

  • Risk increases when a relationship ends; plan to leave without letting your abuser know.
  • If it’s too dangerous for you to keep a bag packed, consider keeping essential belongings in a drawer that you can pack into a bag quickly. Alternatively consider giving a packed bag to a friend.
  • Leave when your abuser is not present.
  • Keep important phone numbers with you and make sure your phone is charged.
  • Keep important ID and financial documents with you.
  • If you need to leave quickly, go to a police station or council office. They should be able to help you access refuge accommodation.

Emergency help

  • Always call 999 in an emergency. If you are unable to speak, pressing 55 will alert the operator
  • Consider downloading Hollieguard if it is safe to do so.

Contact us for help constructing a personalised safety plan.


Be referred via Compass now.



0330 333 7 444. Essex Domestic Abuse Helpline is available
from 8 am to 5 pm (Monday to Friday).

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