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We provide services for children and young people in Basildon, Harlow, Epping Forest, Castle Point and Rochford who are currently experiencing domestic abuse. Domestic abuse happens when one person hurts or bullies another person. This could be someone who is or was their partner, or someone who is in the same family.

We focus on listening to survivors and together decide the support required to enable them to take their first step on a pathway to rebuilding their lives.


More information about the CYP service

Domestic abuse happens in many families and relationships and there are people that can help you and your family. Everyone has the right to be and feel safe. Abuse is NEVER okay. You deserve to be with treated with respect. We work with children and young people aged 13 to 18 but are happy to extend this age range up to 21 in special circumstances.

Types of abuse:

  • Emotional abuse – when someone says things to frighten you or makes you feel bad.
  • Sexual abuse – when someone does sexual things to you when you don’t want them to, or makes you do sexual things that you don’t want to do. This can include sharing sexual images of you, or threatening to.
  • Coercive abuse – when someone isolates you from friends and family, not allowing you to have basic needs, such as food and medical services, makes you believe you have done something wrong when you know you have not, and calling you names that put you down or make you sad.
  • Stalking – when someone is constantly calling and/or texting you. When someone says mean things to you on social media. When someone follows you.
  • Grooming – when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with you and they then go on to manipulate, exploit and abuse you.
  • Physical abuse – for example hitting, pushing, kicking, pinching, scratching.

Always call 999 in an emergency, but if you would like support from us call us on 01268 729707. Professionals can refer to us at C&YP-IDVA@changingpathways.org

In an emergency.

Call 999

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Call 8am – 5pm
0330 333 7 444

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