Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Services.

Changing Pathways Therapy Services offers a safe space where people can become empowered by engaging in Trauma Informed Therapy so they can learn new skills and understand how Trauma has affected them in order to build a better life and reach their potential.

Changing Pathways commit to continually reviewing new and emerging best practice in the field and will adapt our Therapeutic offer to incorporate our findings.

 All our Counsellors are qualified, supervised, DBS checked and registered with Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy Bodies.

Adult Counselling Services

Our approach is to see and respect the individual and give them access to a way out of the cycle of Domestic Abuse through;

  • One to One Therapy
  • Groupwork
  • Psycho Educational work
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
  • Post Induction Therapy(PIT) and Domestic Abuse Programmes are some of the Programmes we deliver. 

Children’s Services

Our Children Therapy services engage with children and their parent/guardian. The counsellors engage through integrative therapies such as Non Directive Play Therapy, Art Therapy and Pet Therapies depending on location.

The Practitioners build trust and bridges by honouring and respecting the child’s individual experience, by working with them where they are at emotionally and physically.

 Through this work children can walk back into childhood with a powerful skillset of how to manage feelings thoughts and behaviours and build a healthy future.

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