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In this section we have included information on working with clients who are in abusive situations for partner agencies. We have also included information on how to refer your client to us, and ways in which the trauma of domestic abuse can manifest in adults and children.

Clients who are in an abusive relationship may display some of the following behaviours:

  • Being anxious about pleasing their partner, or appearing to over-compensate for them
  • To want to check their partner’s opinion before making decisions about even minor things
  • To have to check in frequently with their partner, and update them about what they’re doing and where they are
  • You may notice frequent texts or calls from the partner when the client is in your presence, along with the client being anxious to respond
  • Talk about their partner’s ‘protectiveness’ or possessiveness
  • Have limited means, or limited availability to attend appointments or take calls

If you think your client might be experiencing abuse, you can refer them to us with their consent. See our referrals page for further information.

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